What SenderID can I use?

The senderID of SMS is subject to the regulation or restrictions of the carriers in many cases for the purpose of prevent spoofing. The EZSMS users can specify the senderID as their own, but please be aware that the senderID can be replaced by something else by the carriers for the reason.

We strongly recommend the users to include their names or their business names in the bodytext so that the recipients will well-recognize who is the sender of the message.

For example:

Hi, this is an ordinary clinic, .....

A message from the club Ribbon about the emergency meeting.....


What SenderID is available to use?



  • 最大文字数は英数字の場合 10 です
  • 4文字以下の短い配信元IDを設定すると規制される場合があります
  • 送信時の設定がそのまま表示されるかどうかは、保証できません
  • 国内送信の場合、日本で実在しそうな番号(i.e 08011223455または03897853334)を設定することはできません



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