What does "Sender ID" do?

Sender ID set during SMS sending using the sender parameter will be displayed at the recipients device as a message sender.

This can be a business name or corporate phone number/customer service hotline as some device has functionality to click and call to the message sender as well.

To prevent impersonation or fraud, the Sender ID is generally restricted by many carriers.

You can still set your desired Sender ID, but this is sent via best-effort delivery and carriers may not deliver the Sender ID as being set or can replace the Sender ID at any time.

There are no guarantees to usable Sender IDs, but the list below may give you guidelines when deciding what Sender ID to set when doing your SMS sending:

  • Short Sender IDs less than 4 usually are subject to strict restrictions.
  • Your Sender ID might not be shown as it is
  • Many carriers restrict local numbers for their local network, and local numbers (i.e for Japan it is something like 08011223455 or 03897853334) cannot be set.

We suggest you do some test sending with your desired Sender ID and check the results to make sure you can show your desired Sender ID to your recipients.

Set custom sender IDs for your messages without problems when you pre-register with the carrier

At EZSMS, we make full use of our experience, knowledge, and technology as a pioneer of online SMS services, by using high-quality overseas routes.

Accrete Co., Ltd., which became a subsidiary of Xoxzo Inc., and started operating EZSMS in September 2021, uses domestic routes in Japan.

Accrete is similar to EZSMS and you can easily send messages via the SMS Connect web management screen, which can be operated intuitively. By pre-registering with a domestic carrier you can set a custom sender ID, the recipient will then receive the message with the sender ID of your choice.

Feel free to contact the EZSMS help desk support@ezsms.biz for more information.

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