How to use DialSMS?

DialSMS is for Japanese based service and the response to any incoming calls are made in Japanese Voice only

DialSMS is the on-demand SMS sending service, auto-returning pre-set SMS message on every incoming calls to the subscribed phone number.

Please log in to EZSMS account and select Manage DialSMS from the side Menu.

1. Register DialSMS by agreeing the Terms of Service

Please use DialSMS along with the DialSMS Terms of Service. Read through the Terms of Service and click Agree if you agree.


2. Subscribe to a Phone Number

It is very simple to set DialSMS service for you. (1) Subscribe to a phone number to receive a call (2) Set your message to send in return First, subscribing a phone number. Please click Add Number button.

Adding the number

Select the type of phone number

Different prefix of the number has different subscription cost & incoming call receipt charges. Please select the number type that you prefer. Please refer to our blog: 0120  and 0800  are toll-free numbers

number selection

Write the purpose of use

What do you use this number for? Event details notification, campaign notice, for example? Please write that in and Incoming call noticiation(CR)URL , SenderID , Notes according to your needs then click on Get New Number button.

Note: At this point, the account needs to have sufficient amount of the EZSMS points to subscribe to a new number. Please confirm your account balance before hitting the subscription button.

purpose of use

number selection

3. Setting the returning message

Please set the message body to send to the caller of this number.

Your account will be charged the monthly subscription of this number even when no messages were set and No messages set in red is displayed as below. and the return message will not be sent to any incoming calls received.

Please click Add Message button first.

Message setting

Please click-select the phone number from the top list that you want to set this message, give a nickname to this message.

Finally you write your message to send to the caller and click set the message to set your message.

message set

Ready for DialSMS now!!

Now all set, after you subscribe to a phone number and set the returning message to it.

Calling this number will be answered like this (Japanese only)

The caller will wait for no more than 2 minutes to receive your SMS message.

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