About the new account creation authentication system (after April 2022)

We wanted to focus on improving the safety and security of our service, and this can be improved by verifying the identity of our users. In order to do that, we now require mobile phone number verification of new accounts.

If you are a user who registered before April 26, 2022 and need help with the mobile phone authentication, please contact the help desk (support@ezsms.biz)

EZSMS aims to improve security while simplifying the authentication process by introducing an external authentication service.

For users who want to create a new account after April 26, 2022, please complete the authenticatication for the following:

- E-mail address

- Mobile phone number

In case you did not complete the authentication process

Please register again.

By default we have set the phone numbers to numbers in Japan.

If you wish to use an overseas number, please let us know the following:

– Your company, organization, name

– Usage

– Expected monthly traffic

Please contact the help desk (support@ezsms.biz).

Please refer to the following for details on the authentication method.

1. Enter your registration information

Please enter the required information to create an account.

The e-mail address and mobile phone number that you fill out will be used for authentication, so please make sure that you have access to your account and phone number.

account creation01

2. Check the contents

Please check for mistakes in the input contents.

Authentication is performed based on what you fill out

If you need to make corrections, click the correction button to return to the registration screen.


3. Start the authentication

It doesn't matter whether you authenticate your email address or mobile phone number first.

Email address verification

  1. Click on the "Email Address Verification" text.


  2. Enter the password provided in the email you received to authenticate your OTP (one-time password).


  3. If you entered the correct OTP (one-time password) the email address verification is complete.


Mobile phone number verification

  1. Click on the text "Check your phone number by SMS".


  2. Enter the password that you got in the SMS to authenticate the OTP (one-time password).

    If you entered the correct OTP (one-time password), the mobile phone authentication is complete.


After completing both authentications, click the "complete authentication" button.


The authentication process is done when the completion message is displayed. Click the "Login" button to log in.

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