What is E.164?

What is E.164?

E.164 is a standard format for international phone numbers.

The E1.64 international public telecommunications numbering plan ensures that each device on the PSTN (public switched telephone network) has a unique number globally.

With this standard E.164 number, phone calls and SMS text messages can be routed to phones all around the world.

What is the correct E.164 format?

The format of E.164 contains the following: + country code area code local phone number

  • Plus sign country code
  • International country code area code/national destination code
  • Code without leading 0 phone number
  • Local phone number
  • Minus '-' and spaces are omitted

*There is a limit of 15 digits excluding the international call prefix

Examples of E.164 numbers

Here are some examples of how to format phone numbers from different countries.

How to format a US phone number

Formatting the US phone number 415 123 1234

US country code: +1

National destination code: 415

Subscriber number: 1231234

Your E.164 number would be: +14151231234

How to format a UK phone number

Formatting the UK phone number 07911 123456:

UK country code: +44

National destination code: 7911

Subscriber number: 123456

Your E.164 number would be: +447911123456

How to format a Japanese phone number

Formatting the Japanese phone number 070 2768 9858

Japan country code: +81

National destination code: 70

Subscriber number: 2768 9858

Your E.164 number would be: +817027689858

Tools for phone number formatting

The SMS sending service for web EZSMS, has a new tool “Phone Number Formatter” that automatically

corrects numbers to the internationally recognized E.164 format to ensure that your messages are sent without problems.

Read more about the Phone Number Formatter here.

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